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Instructional concepts for a saner approach to the global hiccups and sunburn.

The proposition goes like this. The mauri scored a deal when it was given a home on Earth in the roll of the creation - the mauri met a doll and the doll was to remain unafflicted, full and lovely. Some boons are now under great threat by tidal turbines. The mauri is being shooed from Earth. This will not be painless for mankind. Already the toll is high.

If the mauri departs Earth, in the end, the life left behind will be quite forlorn.

The advent of the tidal turbines at St Malo, France, in 1966 marks a time before which no appreciable problem in climate had emerged. That is to say, the trends that have caused modern outcries have only appeared since began an unmitigated draw on the gravitational potential of roughly around 200 megawatts.

The first thing to note about Earth is, of course, the abundant seas. As the Sun is daily evaporating water from seas' surface, there is a daily rising of heat in the latent heat of evaporation. This heat is released aloft in the formation of clouds because, in clouds, water is held as tiny drops of liquid. Accordingly the Earth's tropospheric atmosphere has been pumped with heat for a long, long time, since the oceans were formed.

The second thing to note, today, is the clamour about atmospheric greenhouse gases. Yes these do absorb heat from Earth's thermal radiation but the tropospheric atmosphere is equipped to deal with heat. Just as it has faithfully dealt with the latent heat of evaporation released aloft in the formation of clouds, so it can deal with the absorbing effect of the greenhouse gases. To give the clamour any weight, we must examine the claim that the greenhouse gases radiate upon the Earth.

This claim is one for the debunking. However unlike in any case previously known, there has been a mad concept-occluding (a.k.a. "upper-stalk cheating") in the development of the idea that atmospheric back-radiation heats the Earth. One must suppose that it has been accorded virtue status in a temporary fashion.

The fairly obvious truth about the warming blanket effect of our atmosphere is that convection accounts for it. During the day, the atmosphere reserves heat convectively and during the night it gives some of the heat back to the Earth's surface.

In the case of the planet's thermal disequilibrium, now quite plain and widely agreed, one needs to elevate an energy-balance accounting as a matter for the nations' leadership. This is to recognise that the law of energy conservation is the overriding law of nature. All industrial processes and machines and all natural processes can be taken as conforming to it. Therefore we may revisit Newton's laws of motion and acknowledge the role of a barycenter for framing the work-energy theorem that underlies the definition of the joule.

  No, not "barycentrism" but the very meaning of the joule
To quote from a modern law, the joule "is the work done or the energy expended when a force of one newton moves the point of application a distance of one metre in the direction of that force". The frame of reference for this metre is barycentric but this arrives from a precise mathematical reasoning. In principle there are n masses being accounted for. In one case, the Earth is number one in the counting. In this case, we might add masses group by group for it doesn't matter how large n becomes in the counting except that each group added will change the position of the barycenter and we will want barycentric velocity to mean something special in connection with kinetic energy.

And, please a little purpose-awareness would be nice
Is it not a purpose of the gravitational potential to facilitate the water cycle on Earth? Well let's be serious then. There is another purpose in the conversion of localised atmospheric heat. Gravitational potential is the link missing from the I.P.C.C. analysis of the winds in a Hadley Cell. What marvels the gravitational potential is responsible for, and apparently all under the guise of strict energy conservation! Perhaps it has suffered not a joule-drop lost, year upon year, since oceans' were born!

Whence, kaitiakitanga demands
The tidal turbine is quite singular because the energy it draws into an electricity circuit has been borrowed from the gravitational potential. Nature left to herself would return the energy. Nature does not know the likes of an opposition of torques whereby Man will divert the energy at the turbine rotor. Therefore there is a black mark on the copybook of the tidal turbine that should call us to a vigilance. Any phenomenon suggesting that the gravitational potential is doll-bound and has been put to a duress by tidal turbines should be heeded. Kaitiakitanga, loosely translated into English, means "stewardship". Even civilisation depends on the gravitational potential. What a monstrous failure in kaitiakitanga will our global warming attest.

There is a special rigour pertaining calculus, geometry, mechanics and thermodynamics. The mauri finds a miraculous potential in mankind partly because of our higher abilities in these subject areas. Since the advent of television, whence glamour for science-on-the-move, we may have lost sight of this rigour. It is more glamorous merely to address an Overton Window these days, eh captains(?), leaving the hard yakka to a folk presumed to be toiling effortlessly in the background? Ah, but a writ's purposes are weighty, like the cargo moving across a public bridge. Small-talk cannot such a weighty load serve well.

 In recent proceedings in the High Court, in Wellington, New Zealand, the parties drew to an agreement that there were no tidal turbines operating in New Zealand. So was there a tort left, in public nuisance, as like a metal rod hidden in the boxing gloves of the Crown, particularly the Ministry for the Environment? Metal rods in boxing gloves could render an obstruction on a public paper road, or least the equivalent? Or, say, compare the pidgeons' droppings problem behind Wandsworth LBC v Railtrack plc [2002] QB 756? There was some hope; and while the hope lived and a weight settled upon the scene, certain instructive affidavits were placed before the Court. (Most of the documents referred to in the plaintiff's affidavits mentioned below are available on the internet. We can supply copies, if reader cannot find for themselves. Contact page here.)

       Affidavit of Plaintiff, 28 May, 2020
       Affidavit of Plaintiff, 22 June, 2020
       Affidavit of Andreas Reinhard Reisinger, 30 June, 2020
       Commentary of Plaintiff, 30 June, 2021

       Of Classes, Sets and Relations

Note: This URL opens to more discussion about our fundamentals.

For the purposes of a writ forcing closure on a tidal turbine generating station, or for the purposes of a preparatory action in the International Court of Justice, what probably matters most is the singularity of the mechanism outlined on pp. 8 - 9 of the memorandum RZC-3 ("Occlusions of Fundamental Concept") attached at the end of the affidavit of the plaintiff dated 22 June, 2020. It has too many fits with features of the planet's thermal disequilibrium. It cannot be ignored simply because cosmologists on campus haven't wrought a Russian Doll of potential from the Big Bang.

Among scientists casting a shadow on the Big Bang theory, there is Eric J. Lerner of LPPFusion who offers a vision of the planet's energy future wherein the power machine in nuclear fusion stands clean of all radioactivity. This is quite a vision he has and so it seems: for the mauri's purposes, governmental canards aimed at ring-fencing reserves of fossil-fuels are not at all necessary, at least, not yet? It seems there is an age of practice in law wherein the basis must be fact not canard. From the toolbox of this practice, sufficient method is surely available to the nations unless perhaps it is not advance anymore but merely an eschatology that leads.

The mauri's fundamental deal is abrogated, perhaps not directly from canards but surely such are only prolonging the agony in this case. While the canards have us fussing over our greenhouse gas emissions, we will be blind to the opportunity: to help and retain the mauri by allowing the doll to have her peace and wholesomeness.

The plea silent in the voice of the young climate activist is then "give me back the theory of relations". This is surely the more rational request. Then it will be easy to see how gravitational potential energy dolls arise in science and easy to fit thermodynamics into meteorology. The greenhouse effect will then shrink off, no problem.

Here is a cartoon introduction to the permebasin of the Earth, entitled Sandy a Gravitational Horse. (Don't let your browser open this. Rather once the file has downloaded (35 mB), open it with a reader like Adobe Acrobat or, better still, Foxit PDF Reader. You will be asked whether you would like to read the file in the full-screen mode. Choose in the affirmative and use your PgDn keys and PgUp keys for navigating. The character Mr Zelany has a neophyte's idea; he is reaching in the right direction.)
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