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Take a look around our wider website and you'll no doubt find an attitude towards New Mathematics. We write as hams, not pros, but many have been the circuits first tuned-up by hams. At university, studying mathematics in the 70s and 80s, ham director found that one lecturer would share her knowledge of the department's headache. Much of RZC's attitude was learnt from her. However just down the department corridor there was a professor who held Zermelo's canon in high esteem.
He was a professor specialising in number theory who would urge you to think of "equals" as a thorough-going identity relation, rather than a mere grouping to equivalence class.

So for RZC, the department had fortune's key-holders and nirvana-seekers in addition to the folk who would share out their knowledge of the headache issues in mathematics. Somehow the pyrite key-holders, staunch in their beliefs about the way forward for all students who wanted to be serious about mathematics, seeing the Zermelo canon through starry eyes, had gotten the attention of the 1960's education department officials. The New Mathematics curriculum, unleashed in 1969, was really just one silo in the mathematics department - one silo stamping out so-many pyrite keys to the future.

The onslaught into public schools that became a departmental headache for some lecturers of the 1980s, in hindsight was just one uncharacteristic leaning in the lot of a ship under the weather. The planet as a whole has been under the weather since 1966 with the advent of industrial-scale tidal turbines. It has become a matter of critical importance for Mankind to wake up and recognise the global taonga in gravitational potential, the finite and limited underpinning being thoughtlessly plundered by these turbines. The uncharacteristic leanings of 'the ship' are multiplying out to a case of advancing terminal sea-sickness. Today's pyrite key-holders are still voicing their canard in greenhouse warming. Their hogging of the official attention has become a sad situation.






As hams then, we feel a duty, but we enter into our duty without rating the pros as generally averse to our position. Universities are weird places, in some ways. For how do such key-holders and their supposed keys to the future arise, amidst captains-in-training and their teachers? In checkpoints one through six, starting here on our website, we introduce our position. Readers should take in also the latest few entries of our Morepork's Newsroom, especially the one dated August 8, 2018, with its attached PDF. Ours is a position not without its basis in the work of the pros. Sadly however, as was the case in 1969 with New Mathematics, it appears the government has ears only for one silo on campus. (So far, it is so.)

Among other things, we have a beef about a certain device supposedly competent at detecting incident flux in electromagnetic radiation of the mid-to-far infrared. We rate it as no more than a decoy, or a toy. If you want us to help connect an infrared flux measurement to a recording box on your premises, we will be trying to make your budget fit something more serious by way of a detector.

Turning to the larger picture, the fundamentals in calculus are indeed quite relevant to the charting of the way forward. You could jump straight in to checkpoint six here to get some of the gist. Calculus cannot go very far without two modes of variation for variables. One mode - the variable has possible values - is widely understood. The other mode - the variable has only potential values - is not. The squiggles under the limit symbols that we refer to in checkpoint six represent how Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory accomodates this second mode. It introduces a mismatch in the multiplicity of references when it comes to a definition of the fundamental derivative and so by constraining all public school curriculums to this, sea-sick 'state' has exposed community's technical language to inauspicious eye-coverings. These are quite endemic now. The exposure has been long years in the breech.

We can help if you want to address this problem educationally. Our puzzle toys can be gimmicks to catalyse the take-up of a better foundations. One in particular is rated a sure-fire sell in the toy stores. But you can side-step the gimmicks if you want and just deal with the substance.

More urgently, we can help if you want to identify some pros who would be suitable to assist the International Court of Justice come to a ruling on tidal turbines. Only a nation state can start the requisite proceedings. However it is almost for certain that Article 50 of the Statute of the International Court would be involved. By having a list of pros ready to present, one may find it easier to co-opt a nation state. Under Article 50, a select group of pros, with possibly some hams thrown in, would be charged to examine the energy-balance accounting pertaining to tidal turbines. Such an energy-balance accounting, in principle, is an exercise that could encompass a study of all relevant matters if it is not too narrowly construed. Something like this is the only way forward if we want respite from the ravages of global warming.

Possibly at the root of the modern hysteria is a deep insecurity about energy. A winter over in one of the Northern hemisphere cities may be a good lesson about the mind-boggling rate at which natural gas is swallowed into the heating of homes. After such a lesson it is only natural to worry about the capacity of the global gas reserves. Therefore our offer to help extends to the matter of introducing a study. We would like to say, "Here is an invention!", but we can't. There must be a study and discoveries before there are inventions. It begins with the necessity to dispense with Einstein symmetry while still retaining the Einstein law of gravity. A study beginning thus is capable of wowing and captivating the best of the world's relevant minds. It leads to the idea that high-temperature plasma chemistry can eventually know a vessel in which the reactants are contained not only by magnetic fields but also by means tidal or gravitational in nature - an artificial addressing of a quantum-mechanical feature. The study is very rich and exciting, so we have high hopes for it. Once it becomes an invention the world can know a fusion electricity plant that is much less clunky than the any of the current experimental devices. Moreover it is highly likely that with the assistance of this new form of plant, the reactants and the reaction products used for producing electricity would not need to be radio-active.

Meanwhile bad rapture blinds many of leaders and some rough pushes towards hydrogen economies may seem on the cards. Hydrogen lemons? If strategic decisions be made without understanding true cause for global warming, then lemons inedible may indeed arise in the energy sector. Ask whether hydrogen power beats electric power in the alternative vehicle market. The answer has already been determined, in a sense. Hence onward, to the era of high-temp. While the ultimate goal remain as a riddle, yet a thing consumed at very high temperatures tends to yield very little soot. Such consumption generates energy from the breaking of chemical bonds. The grids will know greater demand but electricity grids are known art open to improvement with time.