The company is seeking a store manager as of September, 2018. Listing the items for sale, one may write: puzzles, publications, Zepida Boxbundle, installations and tuition. Why is this something to write home about? Could one make a bob, manning the till,as it were? The Boxbundle is software by nature, fairly easy to reproduce and potentially has a wide appeal. Possibly it is a way for hams but who says there aren't hams out there? From children paused over their electronic tablets, school may be making more hams these days. There is a nouveau focus on the internet as an information-store.

We would like to find our company niche. Hence we will be interested to walk the talk of our marketing plan with the store manager and perhaps learn something in the process.

Let us weave the interest of civilisation into the company aims if we can.
(Tho' more than merely civilisation is at stake!)