How much do you pay to coordinate a group of PCs so that together they make an agreeable instrument for project book-keeping? Purchases, jobs, receiving goods, etc ... but our modus is additionally furnished with values checklists and has special accommodation for some tasks typical in quality control. Circa 2018, we like to think around $3900, although we envisage a swing upwards in price after a settling-in period of hopefully not too many years. During the introduction period, we are willing to be experimental and may lean on a selling model as follows:

  • Demonstration. Someone will visit you and demonstrate.

  • Assessment. You from the demonstration and us from how we find you on the premises. We will have to take into account the nature of your existing network, if any. A quote will be prepared to cover the service job of setting you up.

  • Trial. We get you going. The service job fee is unlikely to be excessive. Then you will use the system free of charge for a number of months.

  • Negotation. How much is it worth to you? If we can't agree the price, we will dismantle the system and you will be charged a token additional fee of $15.

  • On-going Use. You will pay an annual subscription fee. This will be specified in an agreement that will be finalised after the negotiation concludes.