Some call it The King's New Clothes. Some have an emperor in mind, instead of a King, for the character that parades naked and almost nobody dare see. RZC would like to propose a lengthier fable called Sveti, Generalist. Such may be the kind of reading material one would need to peruse before joining a troupe. We are contemplating a science fiction story. Among the acting troupe there would be a grey-hairing group for the characters of Sveti, Albert, Don and Helena; but 34 years would have passed since the events of Sveti, Generalist - 34 years since the banning of tidal turbines throughout the Earth. Sveti, Generalist has already been written and can be supplied to the troupe. The new story we are contemplating has not been written but we know more or less what it needs to achieve.

  • Adventure. Sveti, Albert, Don and Helena, with some 'modern followers of Gurdjieff' in the background, are focussed on a new form of space travel. Younger-looking characters appear as astronauts, pilots, officers and bums. The team has already done some preliminary tests. Man is putting toe into back-of-galaxy with a new transportation machine. Could be breath-taking? Longing-inducing, yes, but that does not necessarily mean a set of big-budget scenes.

  • Reassurance and Inspiration. The story is not set somewhere weird but rather somewhere like home - a believable Earth where some problems have been sorted already.

About 30-odd moons ago, a group of creative Taranaki artists got together to produce a choreography for the Dalvanius song Poi E. Trucking fleet doing the cha-cha with trucks on a huge tarmac. That sort of thing but creatively diverse. It has become one of the go-to YouTube videos if you're a New Zealander. It's worth checking out. Near video beginning there's a stitch-up of John Key and a short way in, a stitch-up for Paul Henry. One of these officers of the airliner was widely known around the globe. He was at the time the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Step UP Here

It is hard not to enjoy the spirit of this video. It marks a time when the world more broadly, and New Zealand in spades, was treated to a major charm offensive. Now with the advancing seriousness of the world's number one problem, a different sort of leadership is required but where has all the gravitas gone?

Any nation can take a proceedings to the International Court of Justice. Any nation can step-up. If it doesn't appear on the cards yet - a proceedings to stop the tidal turbines - then may creative artists step-up first? Somehow to plant relevant maxims in the minds that govern the Earth?

One should not underestimate the power of a good story in this age when stories are easily sped. Please email store manager if you would like to peruse the tale of Sveti, Generalist.