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  Helping You Understand the Nature of the World
Take a look around our wider website and you'll no doubt find an attitude towards New Mathematics. We write as hams, not pros, but many have been the circuits first tuned-up by hams. At university, studying mathematics in the 70s and 80s, director RZC found that one lecturer would share her knowledge of the department's headache. Much of RZC's attitude was learnt from her. However just down the department corridor there was a professor who held Zermelo's canon in high esteem.    More
  Helping You Keep the Books in a Networked World
Many teams can make the first gizmo or hutch but how does the making become a truly learning experience? The nth one should not be mired in mistake and yet this happens reasonably frequently. As a result it can be hard for the estimators to scope projects that require multiple flawless performances. Our recipe begins in the wisdom of keeping up the team spirits and having some kind eyes on lookout for things going wrong. Even if this is not exactly YOU, download our introductory installer for Windows here and check out the instruction set. Zepida Boxbundle could be the way you need to go.
  Temperature and Flux to Back-of-Box
Complementing our box-on-the-premises formula for networked book-keeping, we will help you measure, record and analyse temperature and flux of various kinds relating to your plant or building or property. Is it a network of thermistors or do you rather plug in your thermometers with RJ45 jacks? We can help with this kind of question and route information back to the same box as Zepida Boxbundle for storage and analysis.