"Damn the dam cried the fantail, As he flew into the sky, To give power to the people All this beauty has to die."

Indeed songs have protest have been written before about the works of electricity generators. These words come from a New Zealand folk song of the 1970s, relating to the Manapouri dam. If we take them in today's context, then the beauty slated for a death might be the beauty of Nature quite widely conceived as on Earth.

To do justice to the current situation, we should have a new protest song.

The verse effort below may help to suggest a direction.

  • The Protest Song of the Heavenly Clockwork

The following verse is no doubt very amateurish. Here at least is a faltering first expression, enough possibly to indicate a song-writer's direction.

Creak and groan, we do bemoan
Their lei on turbine C
Where C from A and B does turn in its reliance
In its taking from the gift of old
When Earth was born
The precious energy of our potential.

  • An Improper Slide Rule for the Frontiers Group
  Who would be a frontiersman and yet one to ken that the chamber may contain a toxic article? One may rate the locking chamber puzzler as a rad example subject matter in the fundamental calculus so why not a possible misuse? A pencil can poke a man in the eye and cause blindness. Our puzzler is a toy and yet it is not. For how else would a locking chamber puzzler be built? Do you fancy finding another, in the patent library or on the shelves of a shop? Japanese puzzle makers have made puzzle boxes before but surely these do not offer endless agreeable interaction and a natural multi-level setting mechanism without any electronics.

As a class counted in numbers, we frontiersmen may not be all that many. However one's awareness of being on the fringe can easily be forgotten. In connection with such matters, a wise thought may run "que sera sera". We shall be what becomes us, unless, of course, a misfortune knocks.

  • Our Trio of Tenets
  The frontiers group may seek to uphold the following tenets:

(1) That logic of nomenclature, additional to and separate from the logic of algebra, is more or less essential to reason.

(2) That reductio-ad-absurdum proof is a spiffing mode in mathematics and science.

(3) That gravity is in us and through us therefore it would be foolish not to take it into account or to treat lightly the laws of nature that apply to its energy.

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