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NameDescriptionDateISBN NumberRetail Price
Tidings in Celestial Mechanics 110-page A4 wire-bound booklet. Text with diagrams by RZC. Derivation of Total Energy law with no Einstein symmetry. Elementary Permebasin Mechanics. Oct. 2015 978-0-473-34092-6$260.00
A Proof of Euclid's Fifth Axiom Using Concepts of Elementary Calculus 16-page A4 booklet. Text with diagrams by RZC.
PDF free to view here.
Feb. 2015 978-0-473-31671-6$7.50
Our Permebasin and the Conservationist's Duty A cartoon in narrative sytle. Text by RZC. Illustrations by Biggles. Jan. 2014 978-0-473-27211-1$9.00
Russell's Paradox - Two Sets RZC's definitive solution to the paradox from 1901. Paperback 180x230mm. 186 pages. Mar. 2012 978-0-473-20648-2$125.00
Russell's Paradox - a Solution for the Longer Haul RZC's solution as of its first printing. Paperback 190x230mm. 190 pages. Superseded by Russell's Paradox - Two Sets Aug. 2010 978-0-473-17427-9$125.00

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