Check out your cognitive health by revisiting fundamental limit theory.

Walk through familiar cases in elementary calculus, to arrive at a new understanding.

Find all this and more in
Russell's Paradox - TWO SETS
by R Z Christensen.


8 August, 2018
We worked pretty hard to put together a polished submission to the group of New Zealand government officials working on a Zero Carbon bill. Their cut-off date was 19 July and we got ours away on July 17, both by emailing the PDF and by sending a hard copy. Sadly they have not acknowledged receiving the submission. Are they going to go full-steam ahead now? The emailed PDF submission can be downloaded here. It is 21 pages.

15 March, 2018
Time marches on and we may well have our heads in our hands, lamenting. However when a certain one-sheet, condensed summary was placed before the mayor and councillors of the South Taranaki District Council recently, some sympathy with our position was detected. The sheet can be downloaded here and today we have an additional two-pager - some philosophical reflections - suggesting that certain up-and-coming summits could well lead to discussions about an issue affecting many nations.

28 May, 2016
Handshake. HI-5. A monumental posting to the members of the New Zealand parliament has passed into the hands of New Zealand Post. Some members may be reading the Open Letter to Our Childrens' Trust that is contained in their mailbag. Kim's crew at the Hawera office printed a nice four-pager in hard copy and there was room at the end for some notes. The Open Letter contains our best distillation to date at layman's level of our case that the conversion of the energy of tidal motion is the real cause of any anthropogenic global warming. After 'Handshake' and 'HI-5', 'Sorry' may be in order as well as the Trust's legal action before the Supreme Court of the U.S.A. has a history that is probably not sufficiently acknowledged in the letter.

22 October, 2015
Touchdown. Tidings in Celestial Mechanics rolls off, a token publication of 110 pages. The text starts with a primer on space compression, rotational kinetic energy, tidal friction, inertial frames of reference, Einstein symmetry, the photo-electric effect, black-body radiation, Kirchoff's Law and Riemannian integration. Armed with background information, the reader is taken through an alternative derivation of Einstein's Total Energy law. In fourteen discourses, Mr Zelany enunciates his theory that the energy of tidal motion is not meant for any converting into electricity.

14 February, 2015
We have encountered something of a reticence to consider the possibility that the root cause of global warming is the conversion of the energy of tidal motion into electrical units. Reflecting on this, we decide to publish a proof of Euclid's fifth axiom, demonstrating the power of the alternative foundations in mechanics. At the same time, we change our company name for the fifth and probably the last time. The previous name - Morepork Mystics and Research Team Ltd - arose from listening to moreporks (ninox novaeseelandiae) in Naumai Park, Hawera. It was too kiwi and warrior-like to pack appeal to various meaning seekers. The new name is the first to arrive from outside the company, indeed from a French intellectual, although it is German-seeming. We will henceforth be known as Knusel Information Tapui Ltd. The last word, Tapui, was added at the last minute, when the New Zealand companies office gave the suggestion of including it. We couldn't resist completing the acronym for the meaning seekers. Indeed KIT is more or less what we have to offer.

21 January, 2014
Collaboration with illustrator Robin Maindonald culminates in the publication of a short book aiming to stimulate thought on the energy of tidal motion. Upon receiving the legal deposit copies a few days later, the New Zealand National Library pauses to think about how to classify Our Permebasin and the Conservationist's Duty. Eventually the following description is settled upon: "A narrative in cartoon format that crosses the conservationist's path with the assertion that the energy of tidal motion cannot be safely harnessed for power generation." We decide to offer this 20-page cartoon for $9 and to hold it on sale to the general public alongside the logic book.

29 August, 2013
Publishme annouce that they are clearing out stock of slow moving books and would we mind uplifting several copies of Russell's Paradox - TWO SETS. We decide against advertising the book on Fishpond due to ethical difficulties with the contract. An interim solution is to keep the books ourselves and to fulfill any orders directly. This is what we resolve to do.

14 March, 2012
The book is renamed Russell's Paradox - TWO SETS and Publishme puts it up for sale by their online store. The new text improves on the readability of chapters one and seven, the first and last. A full theorem list is added at the end of the text proper.

23 December, 2010
Hot off the press at bcreative, the second printing of Russell's Paradox - a solution for the longer haul, is ready for uplift. In preparing for the second print, a slight error of direction was detected in the work of the last chapter. The variable subset theorem, the last of the theorems, was dropped as infertile and incorrect.

Room for improvement in the flow of the last chapter is still apparent in the text. However the errors are now respectably confined to matters of presentation as opposed to substance. The faint yellow spots are gone. Owners of a first print copy are invited to return the book for replacement by a revised edition. For further information please email:

27 August, 2010
First publication of Russell's Paradox - a solution for the longer haul, courtesy of Benny's Books in New Plymouth.

Christmas, 1995
Some mystics have a Baby Parp Audio Pack in their hampers. The Waller and Willis audiotape is cut and done.

In the following year, the company begins selling the Audio Pack. After one or two placements in a shop setting fail to generate sufficient numbers, moderate success is achieved in personal selling to New Zealand primary schools. The canned salestalk is polished up by chemistry student Simon Mee.