permebasin or link between gravitational and atomic systems or region in which the magnetic permeability basins out

permebasin gradient indicated in Pound-Rebkha experiment (cause of gravitational red-shift)

permebasin with General Relativity cuts to the chase in the classification of proper time

First we have the gas law in which molecular kinetic energy, as a mean, becomes a gas temperature. Then we have the ground-state frame of reference and a fundamental clock mechanism, the latter conceived to be stationary in the ground-state frame. Joining this standard clock with General Relativity yields a view of the tensor equation. Apparently Einstein had to part with his physical intuition at the last before finding the right equation and indeed the new view of its meaning elevates the role of gravitational potential energy at the expense of the Einstein symmetry principle. The concept of gravitational potential has been known since before Joule did his foundation experiments. More recently rocket science has added a profound emphasis to the status of gravity as a conservative force, suggesting that gravitational potential in the main has the form of a well or basin in which sits a heavenly body. Earth's gravitational potential may thus be put in the inventories of heritage. We may question the apropos of the tidal turbine technology on the basis that it drains this underpinning heritage.

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See what the sheep have to say for themselves.

Is the permebasin a wacky idea? Heck no. Gravitational basin is a given because certain evidence modifies the notion of the gravitational potential energy. Take in the evidence, ask a few deep questions and out pops the theory of the permebasin. It is quite enthralling.

Concerning affidavits, in actions at law to shed some light, it may be useful to emphasise some of the experiments of James Joule. Where falling weights were hitched up to a paddle apparatus, the law of the conservation of energy was appearing. In a review we may see the work-energy theorem of Physics in action. This will lead to the category of potential energy and instead of talking permebasins we could be talking merely of gravitational potential. The affidavit of RZC, in his first filing to the Environment Court of New Zealand may have been too much like the announcement of a new discovery of (or modification in) a physical law. It could instead have been about careful application of laws known for many years. We have removed the RZC affidavit from this website but will share it with anyone willing to engage in our discussion.

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